Winter Tandems

Starting immediately we will be offering winter tandem skydives.

Are you extreme?

Do you want to join the elite few that have jumped from an airplane over North Dakota’s harsh winter?

How this works

Because winter weather is unpredictable, we can’t schedule a specific day to jump (the way we would in summer). Instead please click below to send an e-mail letting us know you’re interested. One of our instructors will get your information and if the weather looks favorable you’ll be contacted to jump. Basically you’ll be “on-call” to jump if weather conditions make it possible.



1. How cold is it at jump altitude? Crazy cold. In general, the ambient temperature at jump altitude will be about 20 to 30 degrees colder than the ground. Think of it like riding a motorcycle in the winter, you’ll want to layer up.

2. What do I need to wear? Warm clothes and dress in layers. Wind proof winter/snow pants and a winter coat are encouraged. Thick socks, gloves, and a neck warmer or balaclava are encouraged. Exposed skin will get cold quickly.

3. Can I wear a helmet to keep my head warm? Unfortunately you cannot wear a helmet because of the possibility of hurting your instructor. We will provide you with a soft head covering that you can wear over a stocking hat.

4. Do you provide gloves? Not exactly. Our gloves are light weight allowing us to have the dexterity to control the parachute. You are encouraged you to bring your own gloves.

5. Are my eyeballs going to freeze? Hahaha no, we will provide you with goggles that will protect your eyes.

6. How will I know if the weather is favorable to jumping? After you let us know you’re interested, an instructor will contact you if conditions are favorable.

7. I live outside of Fargo and would need to drive to town. Can I be contacted the day before? We will make our best effort to contact you as soon as we know that jumping is possible.

8. Can the parachute handle the cold? Absolutely, we jump the latest in parachute equipment. In fact, the equipment you’ll be jumping is used in the most extreme environments, including skydiving at Mount Everest.

9. Are we going to land in the snow? Yes, more than likely.

10. Are your facilities heated? Yes. Inside our airplane hangar is a lounge/office with couches and a TV. We will have the heat blasting and the hot chocolate boiling.

11. Will video be available? Yup if you want your jump caught on film we can do that, just ask.

12. Why are we doing this again? Hey you asked for it and it’s going to be fun.

13. Do your instructors actually want to do this? Probably not, but they will.

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